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The Artists

A life student of a wide variety of creative expressions, the head artist, Kol constantly bathes in their currents and savors the nuances of the journey. This passion is enhanced by a serious interest in cultural anthropolgy and history. Traveling and witnessing life first-hand by being invited to capture intimate portraits and affairs is a soul-satisfying and riveting adventure.


Kol began a strong visual arts background by filling elementary school books with action figures, and with maturity, graduated to the finer disciplines of calligraphy, illustration and watercolor painting. He follows a love of photography from his father, and has taught workshops and classes. His images have been published in regional and national periodicals. Devoted referrals will tell you that Kol is an unapologetic perfectionist, and always does a labor of love at 120 percent.


Based in New York, this studio is at complete ease with black & white and color work, that blends the best of art, fashion and photojournalism. Adventures have taken us to Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Travel, needless to say, is in the blood and more than welcome.

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