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Why Us?

We Celebrate Life! 

A visual opera, feel it 25 years from now and forever ...the tears, kisses, swirl of bodies, bursts of laughter and smell of flowers in a field.

This boutique specializes in natural-style photography that captures authentic moments...the essence of you. 

Spoil yourself with art your loved ones will cherish years from now. 



We understand the yearning for something more than the plain and artless. Our only focus is first-rate story-telling and high craft. We're passionate about results. Sure our style's relaxed and we'll capture the basics, but we also walk in water for the "the shot." 

We don't lose our pep.

The best angle, subtlest nuance and expression are all sought out, deftly waited on--then the shutter is pressed. We openly confess to being perfectionists and prefer not to do any work that can't be done right.

Your essence is the target of our art. We do not pretend to be all things to all people.

Be at peace. While there's a place for everything under the sun, our motto, "quality before all else," touches souls that want relief from McCulture's drafty house of instant gratification. Rest in the knowledge that we do not believe in short cuts.

Whispers and other intangibles are meticulously coaxed out from all work.

As well-seasoned professionals, we don't depend on lucky shots to produce a body of final work. We have the equipment, experience and creativity to give our clients what they want. It takes more than owning a camera to do professional work. It requires consistent Ability.

This studio uses light meters, white balance, strobes, reflectors, softboxes, strobes, assistants, stylists and makeup artists to create beautiful work. We have and create numerous backgrounds.


We guarantee our work.


Call for a no-obligation design consultation or info-pak today. Smile as you realize you can get what you want--images that are alive, substantive and natural.


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