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Welcome to your home for Unique natural-style photographyWhether it's the intimacy of a portrait session or a gala affair, you will get art that always says wow!

As artists, we understand what is necessary to get fantastic black & white images or color. We are at ease using natural light and studio light. Sunlight and shadows are used to paint and breath into the photography. 

Our goal is make your images hit the quality found in magazines. This is why our clients, many who have no aspiration to be professional models, come to us. We use the term natural-style images because we angle for final results that make our subjects look like they are literally not aware of the camera or photographer.

Many times, people who see our photographs ask whether the subject knew that we took their picture. Their unspoken concern is that perhaps the image was taken without "permission." Are we offended? Nope.

In fact, it's a Touchdown! We scored.

This is the nirvana that our type of clients want and embrace. Bold, piercing, uncontrived plain beauty. Persons who commission us prize this type of art because it's natural, unique and speaks to them. 

It's important to say that we can't and do not try to be all things to all people. Plastic, heavily retouched images are not part of our menu.

During a portrait or model photography session, we are laid-back, and give very soothing direction and guidance. If you have not done this type of photography session before, relax, you're in good hands. The same is true when doing an event like a wedding. The aim is always to produce a distinctive body of work that speaks to you.

Portraits, Headshots and High School Senior sessions can be held anywhere you want them to be: beaches, lakes, farms, parks, your home and the studio. We have numerous and exciting studio backdrops to use. Hair stylists, wardroom stylists and makeup artists are available.

Destination photography sessions can be arranged in New York City, Miami, London or any place of your choice. We rent comfortable studios and we can shoot outdoors. 

You will never be disappointed with the Final Results.

You have nothing to lose; we guarantee our work.

For portrait sessions, how shall we dress?

Clothing should be appropriate to the sessions. In many instances, creative sessions revolve around a theme so it's important to work out these details in the planning session prior to the actual photography. Avoid distracting and busy patterns, as well as bright colors.

If multiple persons are to be photographed, clothing choices should promote harmony and help people stand out from the background. The object is to be comfortable, so feel free bringing extra clothing, props and jewelry. Arrangements can be made for professional makeup artists and stylists to be present.

How long do portrait sessions last? Portrait sessions can last from one to two hours and are fun--and dare we say it, downright cool. When makeup artists are used, expect to spend at least 45 minutes in the chair. Multiple sessions can be made to ensure optimum results. 

Wedding & Event Coverage is sophisticated and exceptionally unobtrusive--after formals are taken, we become invisible, and creativity goes into hyperdrive. We have photographed nuptials across the United States, and points abroad include, Aruba, St. John, London, Vatican City, Venice, Santorini and Paris.

We have an uncompromising mentality about producing only first-class story-telling and elite craftsmanship. 

The event photography is unapologetically intended for people who want journalistic-style coverage. This is what we do and are very good at. What sets us apart is that we are very seasoned professionals who intimately understand the touchstones of events like weddings. We also do not accept commission proposals if we don't feel it's right for us.

We are well-rounded artists with an intuitive feeling for capturing the slightest interactions and environmental situations. We can spot and draw abstract elements together with ease to tell and embellish your story.

Don't fret. We know how to expertly pose people for formals during events. This is important, because many people who grab a camera and claim to be event and wedding photographers, have scant experience in posing people. And this inability is revealed in their work.

When we do formals, we make you look good. Now, we don't spend a lot time doing formals because clients want to enjoy their day, and that's not our bag anyway. Actually, we want people to enjoy their affair. After the posing is done, we go into quiet unobtrusive stealth-mode for event coverage.

During an event, we pay close attention to all items that contribute to a great story. For example, time is taken to photograph still life, the flowers, ornaments, and other features that will embellish a story-board. Our artists are comfortable in a wide range of cultures ranging from Vedic to the Gaelic stepping of Scots.

In all cases, close your eyes, and expect images that capture the authentic essence of the day.

Sophisticated videography is available. We appreciate that you're a discerning type, but please don't shy away from this service because it absolutely does not include blinding lights, ladders and other items that typically disturb the ambiance of an affair and make one shudder. Again, think unobtrusive...invisible.

In our hands you will enjoy your day--what a concept.

Clients can choose from coverages that range from delivery of raw footage to a multi-camera full-length documentary that spares no expense.

To ensure quality, we only photograph a limited number of weddings per year.

Call for a no-obligation design consultation.


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