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Ahhhhh, the magic has come to life! I knew, since the day I first saw your work, that you were incredible...but to actually see our wedding day unfold before us through your photos...was beyond incredible. Every shot took my breath away. Even the pictures with our goofy faces stole my breath because that is who we are and you managed to capture that on film. Those memories are just priceless. It was such a pleasure having you work with us on our special day. Not only is your work outstanding, your personality is wonderful as well. That is what made the day even more enjoyable. ...You captured the day in a way that only a master could.Cailyn Miller

Well, I just finished narrowing down my final selections from my photoshoot with Kol, and with so many amazing shots taken, it was extremely difficult. I guess that's not a bad problem to have! Working with Kol was a true pleasure, and I couldn't be happier with the resulting photos because they are most excellent. Not only does his technical expertise totally rock, but his creative ingenuity is extraordinary (during shooting I found myself hovering over, and clinging to, a staircase bannister -- in a business suit -- now that's cool!). I definitely recommend Kol to anyone looking for a unique, world-class photography experience.Jesse Cannella--Actor (click on Jesse's name to visit his site.)

I have worked with many photographers in my career. The pictures in my portfolio that always seem to warrant a second glance are those taken by none other than Kol. He's artistic, well rounded with an amazing eye and very professional.  I've shot with him on location in a bevy of different styles from standing in a waterfall at 7 months pregnant, to posing against a rustic barn, to my wedding shoot about a year and a half ago, I have never been disappointed and know that I never will be--he is truly a force to be reckoned with!!!Crystal Tweed--Repeat offender

Many months before my wedding my fiance and I decided that one of our crucial desires was to find a photographer who could capture the beauty of small moments on a big day. Someone who had an artist's eye behind the lens. Sorry to say I went to a few wedding shows and saw the same type of photography everywhere. Formality and stiffness abound. This was anything but art. This wa not capturing the true reverie; this was not capturing the personalities involved. Then my fiance stumbled upon Kol and a sampling of his work. That was simply that. A Degas in a world of doodlers. We knew instantly that we had found the man to entrust our dream to. A dream of looking at photos years later and reconnecting to the individual emotions that accompanied each shot. Kol delivered more to us than a warm recording of those moments. He gave us a time machine. I would recommend him to anyone for anything.Gina Galati

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